Finding Peace in the Political Storm

Given the challenging political climate in today's American society, it can be tough to uphold Christian values while choosing the candidate that aligns best with your faith. Politics have the power to create rifts among friends and families.

This election resource from Dr. James Merritt aims to empower you to stay true to your beliefs in Jesus while making informed decisions that reflect your Christian values at the polls.

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Finding Peace in the Political Storm

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About the Book

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All you have to do is turn on the news today, and you'll quickly realize that we are living in a politically divided world. In fact, there possibly has ever been a more contentious moment in America than right now.

Many have asked questions like what does God's Word have to teach us about living in a time like this? What does it mean to follow Jesus in a divided America?

To help you navigate these difficult days—with both grace and truth—Dr. James Merritt composed a practical resource called "Finding Peace in the Political Storm: Five Biblical Anchors for American Christians." It explores what the Bible teaches about the role of government, the importance of moral character, and how to pray for both our country and our elected officials.

You can read this booklet as part of your morning quiet time or you can study it alongside your church small group. It is designed to give you clarity and courage for the days ahead.

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